Hiking Tips for a Nice Hike


Many people love togo hiking, but to have a great time during a hiking trip, it is important to have keep in mind some tips and the best gear for this activity:

Boots: the most obvious and important gear for a hike. When you get a pair of boots, get those that will protect and give support to your anckle, the sole it is recommended to be Vibrant, which is one of the best materials for its traction, durability and strenght. For Light hiking, consider boots made of convination of nylon, Goretex, and leather. For more demanding hikes, leather and Goretex will give you the protection, breathability, and water proofing for great confot of your feet. Some people like to have arc support, so for them it is good to have a pair of arc support inserts.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Hey Guys we’re heading out again this weekend (5/17/2014) to Cedar Ridge Preserve (7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75249). Plan to get to the site by 7:15 am so that we can hit the trail by 7:30 am. The temperature is expected to around 65? F – great for walking.

Cedar Ridge has free parking and restroom facilities. The trails are clearly marked with some cross trails that connect to main trails. Our planned walk will start with a downhill trek for about a mile to the Duck Pond. We will then be heading towards the Fossil Valley trail. This trail is a mix of uphill and downhill for about a mile. Next we connect to one of the main trails that will take us back to the preserve’s restroom facilities and parking area. The walk should be a little under 2 hours.
Tips for great hike:

• Comfortable “hiking” shoes / cross trainer/ trail running shoe. When choosing a shoe consider ankle support.
• Wear comfortable clothing. Preferably clothing with moister wicking fabric. utralight mircrofeece, microfiber, capilene, polartec, ultrawick, tactel, spandex, supplex, gortex, and lycra.
• Consider wearing a hat / and sun screen
• Bring along water to drink / energy bars or light snack

I look forward to seeing you all there,


7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy (Entrance marked “Cedar Hill Preserve”)


Murrell Park to Coe Road / Shoreline

North Shore Trail – Grapevine Lake  6/16/12

The walk started around 8:30 am.  But we did not get to the trail head until around 8:45 am.
Our Plan: To hike the trail between Murrell Park and the southern end of Coe Road.
Coe Road was the staging point of a Tri-Athlon we stumbled into at one of our previous walks.  The distance to Coe road is approximately 2.9 miles making a round trip hike about 6 miles.

The trail head from Murrell Park immediately took us into the woods.  The path was clear and well-marked and remained, as mentioned all the way to Coe Road – shaded and with a very distinguishable path.  Sometimes there would be a shout ‘Bike’, alerting everyone to give way to the occasional mountain biker riding the trail. Sadly a few members of our group had a prior commitment and could not make it all the way to Coe Road and had to turn back. Understandably, we were sorry to see them leave.

A few minutes later – down the trail another family of hikers joined us – they were unsure as to the distance and direction to the beach head at Coe Road, they were gladly welcomed.   This trail was fun and a bit technical.  There were a few creek crossings, switchbacks, rocky outcrops, and of course – scenic views of Lake Grapevine.  Our hikers even stumbled upon wild grape vines with fruit.  Grapes were sampled – and in my view – we’ll stick to grapes at the grocer.

We got to the end of Coe Road (our destination) at approximately 10:20 am. It took us about 1.5 hours. Some of us took off our boots at the shore of the lake and splashed around with the kids – our ‘hiking toddlers’.  We rested for about 25 minutes, and then our boots were on; packs on our backs; and again got back on the trail headed to our starting point at Murrell Park.  We were back at the park in about an hour’s time – with some time spent trying to decide on the correct path from the final leg of the trail to the parking lot…fun, fun all the way.

We hope the next walk will be as enjoyable – the plan is to head north along the trail starting from the same parking lot in Murrell Park.

I’m looking forward to seeing ‘da team’ there.



Grapevine Lake June-9-2012

Grapevine Lake Northshore trail

Grapevine Lake Northshore trail

Re: North Shore Trail – Grapevine
This Saturday (tomorrow), we are hitting the North Shore Trail at Lake Grapevine. The North Shore trail is approximately 9 miles. The trail winds around the north side of Lake Grapevine, it enters into wooded areas and then along the shoreline. On our last visit we met at Rockledge Park, tomorrow we will meet at Murrell Park. We will be attempting a six mile (hike) round trip (depending on trail conditions).
Wear comfortable clothing; bring along water to drink; and trail snacks if desired.
June 16 (tomorrow), we meet at the entrance to Murrell Park (4500 Murrell Park Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75022). (See Links)

Time – 8:00 a.m.
Walking Distance – Approx 6 miles

Northshore Trail Web Links:

Trail Runners – http://www.nttr.org/html/murrell_twincoves.htm

See you there.


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